Week 3

Every week, Dr. Battle assigns a paper to read to the Voyager team. After reading through the paper, we need to brainstorm and write a summary of the key takeaways from the paper, and we review it altogether in the following meeting. This week, we were assigned a paper on database optimization tool, dubbed Khameleon.

In general, interactive data visualization and exploration (DVE) applications suffer from network delays a lot. Thus, generally, a technique called prefetching is used. Prefeteching is an action of caching the responses for predicted requests beforehand. Khameleon also is a frame that uses prefetching mechanism, but it “continuously and aggressively hedges across a large set of potential requests” and “shields developers from joint optimization problem” according to Mohammed et al.

Also, all of the dependencies that I have updated need to be merged with the master branch of Voyager repository, so I was asked to make a pull request. Because the process of updating outdated dependencies is very complicated, there are not that many dependencies that I updated to the latest version. I might discuss the dependencies as one of the achievements during this DREU program since this also taught me more about Git and GitHub, such as GitHub Actions.

Written on June 15, 2021