Week 4

Every Tuesday, our team have a separate small group meeting in the absence of Dr. Battle to brainstorm and work on group tasks together. This week, the team was assigned a job of creating a table for the Voyager optimizer. So, during the small group meeting, we created a table comprised of three columns: Vega DF Operator, Vega Parameters to Test, and Other Parameters to Test. Next week, based on what we have filled, we will be running a microbenchmarking test. For the microbenchmarking test, we decided to test out filter, aggregate, bin, extent, stack, collect, and project operators. Then in the second and third column of operator, we filled out what parameters to test.

Along with this, I have to wrap up the pull request I made last week because there are a couple of issues pointed out by the code reviewer that need to be fixed. Since those are minor issues, I think I can have it done and successfully merged by the next meeting.

Written on June 22, 2021