Week 5

This week, I worked on microbenchmarking preparation. To be more detailed, my job is to create a script that is to be used for benchmarking our tool. Using the script, we will be testing out filter, aggregate, bin, extent, stack, collect, and project operators with the tool and measure the amount of time it takes to execute them end-to-end. During the minor meeting with Junran, who is a graduate student leading the project after Dr. Battle, she showed me how to approach this problem with an example using car.json data. However, I mistakenly understood that I had to write benchmarking test cases specifically. So when I presented my work, Dr. Battle gave me another week to patch this up and change it into general benchmarking tests. This week, I was also assigned the job of dependency upgrades as in the first few weeks.

Written on June 29, 2021