Week 7

This week, I worked on creating a random operator (function) generator as well as a random argument generator. What does it mean? Now that I finished making the class (refer to last week’s post for more info, or the final report for the detailed information), it was time to first create an application that randomly generates an operator, instead of having a user hard code sample operators, for benchmarking purposes. Because we need to test out the operators in a variety of cases, randomness plays a good role here. In addition, as mentioned last week, I need a tool that passes a random yet appropriate value to those operator functions. Therefore, I created those two tools so that they can be used in tandem at ease: create a function sample, and pass a random argument of appropriate type. For more conveinece, I designed it such that the user just needs to pass in the number of samples he or she needs for each operator type. Once done, I shared with Junran.

Written on July 13, 2021